DIY: Marbled Pendant Necklace

If I had to pick one item of jewellery to wear for the rest of my life, it would be the long pendant necklace for sure. It’s an easy item to wear with both casual and dressy outfits, and I’m convinced that the longer chains elongate your body and make you look a little bit taller than short necklaces do. Since I made these marbled clay ring dishes last year, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with the marbling process, and I thought a pendant necklace would be another great way to show off the easy marbling technique.



-oven bake clay
-silicon rolling pin or glass jar to use as rolling pin
-X-Acto knife or clay knife
-parchment paper
-super glue
-necklace chain, jump rings, and necklace closure
-gold pendant bails (I used these and these)


To make your marbled clay section for your necklace, follow this tutorial using black, grey and white strands of clay. Don’t get too hung up on an exact measurement of clay for each colour, but I would start with a hunk of white clay a little bigger than a golf ball, a grey ball of clay half that size, and then a small piece of black that’s half the size of the grey. Adjust those ratios if you want more or less of something on your second try.


Once you have your clay rolled out about 1/4″ thick, use an X-Acto or clay knife to cut your clay into small strips for your pendant necklace. I made the larger pendant 2″ long and the smaller size 1.25″ long. Place the pendants on parchment paper and bake in the oven according to the clay instructions.


Once the clay has baked and cooled, seal the clay with a glaze (only if you want to) and use glue to attach the pendants to the bail. I put the small bail on the back of the smaller pendant, but I really liked the larger bail on the front for the bigger size.

Cut your chain to your desired length, add the pendant, and then use jump rings to attach the chain to a necklace closure. If you want to do a double pendant, cut a shorter chain for the smaller pendant. So  how did you like Vogue Amour’s fashion hack. I hope you enjoyed.

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Nageen Marfani

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