MASCARA: Stays or Bleeds? Find Out What Worked For Me

Hi Everyone!

Since most of the girls love having a good stash of makeup from mascara to eyeliners, liquid lipsticks and so on so why not talk about one of them today? So mascara it is for today.

I have always wanted the Kylie Jenner type of lashes, although those are lash extensions. I have always collected mascaras to get such effect. I’m sure there are many out there who have this wish just as I did once until I got my hands on these mascaras;

Maybelline: This mascara saved me almost in every event when it seemed like I have zero lashes or if my eyes are bare naked. thanks to this mascara which was my first ever purchase that I was absolutely raving about everywhere.


Essence: I love going to drugstore makeup sections and yes essence stall is my first stop to collect the mascaras and I always restock these two (extreme lash & lash princess) as these are my two most favorites and I guess these will always be my favorite over any raved mascaras we find on YouTube.

img_8929 img_8928

So this is it for now and I’m definitely on the run to collect more makeup, will for sure post more reviews, please rate this one if it helps you decide what to get and if you want me to review something, I can surely arrange that for next blog 🙂

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