Must Haves From Food For Your Face By Firefly

Apart from being a makeup hoarder, I’m also a skin-care hoarder, in case you didn’t know! I’ve to be very picky with skin-care products and that is because I’ve super sensitive skin hence, reviewing a product takes multiple tries on my skin and then comes my final verdict. Finding a trustworthy skin-care brand that can always live up to your promise, doesn’t come that easy. But I’ve finally discovered that one brand, Food For Your Face by Firefly, without which my skin cannot live.

Before you’re intrigued, here are the MUST HAVES from the brand:

1)Pink Pixie Clay: Rarely masks actually live up to their claims but, this one mask, simply did (and still does) wonders to my skin. It is consists of Kaolin Clay, Vitamin A & E, French Pink Clay and various oils. It made my skin smoother, brighter, and hydrated. It’s definitely a skin-saver for days when your skin looks dull and you don’t wanna go extra to pamper it, as it helps improve the skin texture and makes it look plumpy. Simply apply it evenly on your face with a Facial Mask brush (or a spare flat foundation brush), let it dry and then rinse off or clean with a face towel. Plus point, this mask is really helpful for acne-prone skin.

2) Mer Magic Hand & Feet Mask: Apart from our face, we often forget, that our hand and feet need some extra care too. The extra care is thought to be manicure and pedicure, which we cannot often take out time for. Whereas, the extra care can be done more often and at the ease of being home with this savior product. There’s no hassle in applying as it applies pretty smoothly, and you can make use of a brush to apply evenly. Coming to what it does, it helps get rid of all dirt, we usually don’t realize, is on our hands and feet, and shows visible differences. The smell might be an issue, as seaweed is one of its ingredients but to me, it’s quite refreshing. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin for better (and smoother) result. Plus point, it helps get rid of tan as it brightens hands and feet.

3) Espresso Shot Scrub & Mask: I’m sure if you’re a coffee addict, the name already made you want to get it, right? Well, there a couple more benefits that this product can provide you with and change your want into a need! Well, for me it was the first time I tried a skin-care product that had coffee as an ingredient and surprisingly, I was very much impressed. It’s an extremely mild scrub that doesn’t feel too harsh on a sensitive and dry skin like mine. Use of this mask/scrub at least twice a week gives you promising results in form of smoother, brighter and a lot fresh looking skin. Plus point, a wonder-product for all those of you who’re lazy bums, as this product includes the properties of both a scrub and a mask!

You can get your hands on these yummy products by clicking the link: Food For Your Face
Or you can get them at the Bohemian Crunch exhibition taking place on 4th March’18 at Royal Rodale Club.

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Nageen Marfani

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