My Summer’s Transformation and Spa Day At Furqan’s Salon

Hey dolls, it’s summers and I love summers as it is the best time of the year full of vibrant colors, monsoon rains, lots of weddings and endless vacation trips. So, being a woman, we all need some pampering and make-overs which not only helps us feel rejuvenated but also ready to brace ourselves for all the upcoming challenges, events and vacations. This is the exact reason why I headed towards Furqan’s Salon to avail some spa and grooming services and most important of all for a transformation to my hair color to give life to my personality this season.


My decision made me really happy once the experience was over because only a few places connect with us so nicely and Furqan and his team certainly didn’t disappoint me. The moment I stepped into his salon, I was treated nothing less than a princess; the exact comfort, pampering and relaxation I was seeking.

Furqan has definitely put in a lot of efforts to give the interior of his salon a modern chic look. The salon has a floral vintage touch which is vibrant and fresh and while it is appealing, it also gives you the soothing effect so it is in simpler words a perfect balance between vibrancy and calm. It is perfectly designed for all the tired souls who come up to the salon to get the much-needed pampering.

So, I had to get a complete transformation and upon discussing with Furqan about the changes I required for my hair color, he explained his team exactly what was needed which to play safe with the shades of gold and caramel which makes me comfortable as I am a person who shies away from experimenting with my hair and I was really stunned by his team on how professional and understanding they were with their work.

Furqan’s team deserves a lot of praise for their hardworking and genuine attitude towards their work which makes them unique, unlike other salons where the staff isn’t as good understanding and cooperative.

Coming to the experience, firstly, the hair colors were applied on my hair so I could enjoy my other services which I required while my hair was undergoing the process to save the time.

I love to get my hands and feets massaged and this is something I am always ready for so I opted for a paraffin manicure and pedicure. Marina, a girl from Furqan’s staff, did my manicure and pedicure and she was perfect with her job. The hot paraffin calmed me a lot and later on, her massage took away all the stress from my body.


Once the treatment was over, my hands and feet felt extremely neat, clean and soft and then it was time to add color to my fresh manicured hands and pedicured feet. She applied a blood maroon Essie nail color exactly how I like and I am glad that his staff remembered my choice from the previous visit to the salon. This happens rarely so their service and love for their clients impressed me tremendously.

Meanwhile, my sister who was accompanying me on the trip, couldn’t resist from getting a face-cleansing treatment and she almost slept with the amount of relaxation she got. I can completely relate this as well.

After that, I got a rejuvenating head wash which was equally amazing like other services. Once the hair wash was complete, Furqan himself gave me a beautiful hair cut to give volume and life to my hair and trust me guys, he is way too professional with his work. The best part about his hair cut was that without much trimming of the length, he was able to give an amazing style to my hair with bouncy and fuller look.

My hair was still wet while he gave me the cut and I couldn’t wait to see my final hair color and the hair cut so two of his staff-girls started blow-drying my hair and made sure that that the blow-dry stays for long as usually my blow-dry hardly stays for an hour or so which I detest the most.

After a lot of hardwork, I got my final look which left me in complete awe as I couldn’t believe the amazing transformation to my hair. I am posting a before and after picture of my hair style and color which will give you guys a better idea of the whole makeover and will definitely help you relate how amazed I was and still am.


So here was my really exciting summer-pampering journey at Furqan’s Salon which I recommend to all the ladies who are looking for great spa and pampering services. It is a must visit salon for all the girls. I would also like to thank Furqan and his team for providing me with the best services.

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Nageen Marfani

Written by Nageen Marfani

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