Nando’s Held Fun-Filled Bloggers Meet Up

Nando’s, the international Mozambican-Portuguese dining restaurant famous for its peri peri marinades, held a bloggers meet up in Karachi which was attended by the top bloggers of the metropolis. The event with the hashtag: #TasteTheCarnival turned out to be a fun-filled event with a challenging quest which all the bloggers had to go through eyeing for the win.

The initial gathering point for the meet up was the SMCHS branch of the Nando’s where the quest was started once the bloggers were divided into competitive teams. The core task was to gather clues to proceed to the next stage of the quest. Once the stage was over, the teams moved on to the Khayaban-e-Sehar branch of Nando’s following the clues.

Upon reaching there, more clues were solved and the task of taking selfies with team members was also accomplished by the bloggers. The final task of the whole quest was to complete all the steps of the clues and reach the Boat Basin branch of the Nando’s and the first team reaching that branch would win.

The fun didn’t end here and a lot of more activities and games were organized by the Nando’s management at the Boat Basin branch such as spinning wheel etc which added a lot more fun to the overall experience.

The day ended with the serving of finger-licking Estepada Carnival which was juicy and scrumptious and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

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