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Ocean Limousine Launching Ride Hailing Service In Pakistan

With the advancement in technology specially since the advent of 3G/LTE services in Pakistan, we have seen an influx of several technology start-up giants of the world in our country which have made the life a breeze not only for me but for all of us who have access to the internet and smartphones. You can order your favorite Big Mac for lunch at the office or you can quickly hail a ride back to home from your tuition center seamlessly; something which was totally unimaginable until some time back.

Usage of certain services such as FoodPanda, Uber and Careem has become a part and parcel of our lives and it has become really hard to refrain from benefiting them; no doubt that they bring so much convenience to our lives.

Grasping the opportunity and to fill a still-large gap, Ocean Limousine is a new transportation service that is launching shortly in Pakistan. Unlike its competitors, Uber and Careem, the company is completely Pakistan-based and is also properly registered with the government. It is also being backed by Karachi Public Transport Society (KPTS) which gives it a strong standing in terms of vision and commitment to providing solid services.

The ride-hailing service will initially be launched in Karachi only which would be followed by expansion to other cities.

The best part about Ocean Limousine is that they are only taking in new models at this time to ensure that the customers get a quality service and memorable experience. Also, instead of just taking in vendors, they also have their own fleet of cars that will be used in the service as well so it would mean that more cars would be available which in short means that the waiting time to get picked up would be marginally reduced.

Ocean Limousine is being brought in by people who have a vast experience of drivers they are taking in and they are also adding their own brand new cars in the fleet to expand it making the availability of rides convenient and easy.

They have also implemented an insurance policy where they are insuring both; the cars in the fleet and the passengers who are traveling – Something which none of their competitors are offering.

With the availability of Ocean Limousine, people can rely on their service which their management is making sure to take to top-notch.

The smartphone application of the ride-hailing service is currently in testing phase and the launch date will be announced soon.

To learn more about Ocean Limousine, head over to their

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