Off to Thailand: My Summer Vacation Packing List

For a while, I have been dreaming about turquoise waters and white-sand beaches and Thailand is a beach destination not to be missed. From its highly acclaimed and loved cuisine to the rich and diverse cultural-and-historical-laden places, Thailand has a beautiful, welcoming culture. And let’s not even get started on the tasty food. These are all the things I was looking forward to having in my next destination and got me excited and packing for the trip with my family to the Siam, now what is known as Thailand.

Before leaving for the trip, it is a must for me to stock up on the necessary beauty products I should be having in my travel bag which are not only light on my skin but also give me the fresh-beach look to make my summer vacations complete. As Thailand lies in the tropical region and July/August are the month of monsoon, it is also a must-have for me to carry waterproof cosmetics to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

So let’s get started with the list of skin-prepping products:

Cataphil Daylong Sun Block:

Thailand is a place full of sun exposures, sun baths, islands etc which gets your skin into trouble if you haven’t applied the right sunblock. My favorite sunblock would be Cataphil Sun Block with 50+ SPF which is pretty good to protect your skin and the formula is light, non-greasy and protects my skin well. In fact, my foundations also act well on this sunblock surprisingly.

Avene Optimale Hydrance:

My skin is no less than a drought which is always thirsty for moisture and Avene hydrance moisturizer with 15+SPF would be the perfect combo for this vacations. It hydrates my skin so well that it can be addictive sometimes plus the SPF protects your skin well so double thumbs up!

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer:

This primer has to be an all rounder in the sense of protecting your skin, filling your pores and providing you with a smooth canvas to glide my foundation and of course primer is the most important step to prep your skin and to make your makeup last longer.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation:

Traveling needs a good coverage foundation which lasts long and doesn’t need much touch up. So this one is my go to light weighted and good coverage formula to be carried on my vacations. The coverage is also buildable so I can go around with whatever I am comfortable with or the place and venue I am heading towards.

Products to light up the features:

Becca Backlight Primer Filter:

To add some dewy effect, let’s add this super luminous primer to make your skin look healthier, dewy and fresh. This primer can be used before and after foundation both for a luminous effect which reflects the glow within your skin. I basically use it after my foundation only on my high points as it gives you a very natural glow.

Charlette Tilbury Beach Stick:

This is such a nice peachy creamy blush with a travel-friendly packaging which gives you that fresh glowing and beach look. I guess this product is meant for your vacations. I always carry this in my purse so yeah this goes into my purse.

Benefit Benetint:

Other than any blush, if you are a person like me who would stay inside the water more than you need, something which is completely waterproof would work for you and benefit tint works the best as a blush and lip stain. Even in a storm, the stain will stay on point giving you a cherry rose stain on your cheeks and lips, which gives you a glow from within.

Time to enhance your eyes:

Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette:

I do not like to carry bags upon bags for my makeup and rather go for the products which are versatile enough to make me comfortable with every look and my all time favorite would be Huda Beauty limited edition eyeshadow palette which gives me margin for a  perfect natural to glam looks and its just one palette to carry in my vanity.

Wow Mascara:

I am always seeking for good waterproof mascara as my eyes are a bit watery and it makes my mascara bleeds every time so recently I discovered this new product which gives your lashes the perfect volume without making it look clumpy. Additionally this mascara is water proof which makes me tension free.

Gosh Xtreme Liquid Gel Liner:

For me, it’s all about how a pitch black a liner is and how sharp the wand is to make my wing on fleek. This liner is again my favorite and thumbs up to the WATER PROOF POWER 😀

Eyelash by Lash bar in Scandalous:

Though I do not believe in putting up lashes on such a destination, but you know a makeup fanatic like me would need some lashes to fulfil the crave SOMETIMES :p So I am taking my go to lashes in SCANDALOUS by Lash Bar Karachi which is a beautiful style giving volume to your lashes yet doesn’t give you that artificial unnatural touch.

Add some cherry to your lips:


I will be taking a small bunch of my favorite lip colors whom I can rely upon. These have the best and most comfortable formulas with some amazing colors to compliment your vacations.

The shades and brands go down the list:

Colourpop – Bad Habit

Huda Beauty Lipstick – Heart Breaker

The Balm Lipstick – Committed

Kylie Cosmetics – Posie K

Lip Contour Huda:

A lip contour is an essential to make your lipsticks last longer as being a foodie and being on vacations calls out loads and loads of food so yes, I have high chances of eating my lipstick and a lip contour can save up my lip colour longer and my two most favorite lip contours are by Huda Beauty Gossip Girl and Trendsetter which I’ll be taking along.

Other Essential Stuff:

Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray:

Beaches, non-stop shopping, city tours and trips don’t give you much chance to fix your makeup and this calls out for a good setting spray to help your makeup last for a longer period and Urban Decay tops the rank for me.

Lancome Makeup Remover:

Of course, a good makeup remover is an essential so I would rather take a small bottle of something which is not only bound to eye makeup removing or face but would do the job for both and Lancome’s pretty blue breezed makeup remover is just perfect for my need.

After Sun Block:

Another essential is After Sunblock to cure the sun tan, which I hate the most. This product saves me from all the damage and repairs my skin perfectly.

In the end, thanks to the Facebook page ‘Pretty Things’ for sending this BH Cosmetics pouch right on time which is just too perfect for a compact traveling bag for my cosmetics.

So here’s my checklist for some traveling essentials which are a must carry for me no matter where ever I am traveling. Hope you all enjoyed it and if you guys want to see me packing up my stuff, then leave your suggestions in the comments down below and let us know Happy Vacations Guys!

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Nageen Marfani

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