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Review – Breakfast at Vintage Cafe Karachi

We Pakistanis wait for the weekend to enjoy the oh-so-cliched breakfast i.e Halwa Puri. I’m a breakfast person but definitely not a Halwa Puri person. My breakfast should either be excellent or nothing at all. A couple of weeks ago, my cousins and I decided to go out for some fancy breakfast. We chose Vintage as it’s my all-time favorite and we had heard good reviews about its breakfast as well.


The cafe is a perfect depiction of the Victorian Era. From floral wallpapers to wooden flooring, white antique chairs and their floral covers to table mats, decoration objects to clocks, everything has a vintage touch. The place is really small and cozy with a few chairs and tables placed in such a manner so as to avoid any crams.


They have a completely separate menu for breakfast which includes a number of choices. It was really tough to choose. I secretly wished I could have a little bit of everything. They also have two to three desi items on their menu. We ordered 4 breakfast items, stuff we could easily share.
First was chicken Fajita omelette. It was served with a bread basket which had few bread slices along with lurpak butter, blackcurrant jam and marmalade. Even though I’m not a big fan of omelettes but I still loved it. It was fluffy and flavorsome. Moreover, I loved the sides, which included Dijon Potatoes, Sausages and baked tomatoes.

Second was Florentine Crepes. This was my absolute favorite!  They were stuffed with chicken and
spinach and were oozing with creamy mushroom sauce. It was super delicious and appetizing, I couldn’t get my hands off it.

Third was Stuffed Paratha from the desi section. It was a chicken cheese paratha served with some yogurt dip. I found it average and totally not worth the cost.

Fourth was Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Pancakes are the ultimate hero of every breakfast table and I’ve always loved them, be it plain or topped. These were classic buttermilk pancakes topped with loads of whipped cream and chocolate sauce. However, we found the pancakes too be dry from the middle so we asked for more chocolate sauce. They were perfect overall but I still think they should’ve been more chocolaty and should have had more chocolate chips in it.

Customer Service

Vintage has a really good customer service I must say! They are extremely cooperative and they make sure they never leave the customers disappointed. They took feedback from us and made sure we were satisfied with our meals. Also, I’ve had bad experience with their bakeshop before but they resolved my issues immediately.

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Bisma Ishtiaq

Written by Bisma Ishtiaq

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