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Are you a makeup freak? If yes, then what’s the best idea to surprise yourself every month? Or to surprise your friends/sisters/cousins or anyone you know who is a makeup maniac.

Being too girly,  I love cosmetics and the idea of a beauty subscription box which is the upcoming trend these days is driving me crazy.

So here, Cosmetic Candy which is a well-reputed page dealing in branded, original and authentic cosmetic/beauty products for years and on whom we have been relying for quite a long time now launched their every month beauty subscription box which comes to you every month as a surprise. I feel this box is something which can make every girl the happiest on earth.

Cosmetic Candy has 3 categories for their subscription box which are:


Silver Box: Pkr 3000 – Contains 6 to 8 high-end and drugstore products.

Gold Box:  Pkr 5000 – Contains 6 to 8 high-end and drugstore products.

Black Box: Pkr 7000 – Contains 6 to 10 mostly high-end products.

Every month they have a limited number of boxes and they are sold out within few days. So you can already have an idea about the hype.

Anyways, the box I ordered was the Gold Box and around mid of the month, I received the box.

Firstly, let’s talk about the packaging which is quite satisfying. It is basically a cardboard box with some chic foil printing having a big QUESTION MARK printed as until you don’t open the box you don’t get to know what’s inside to make you drool.

Well as you open up this beauty you get a beautiful note to make you feel special with loads and loads of cosmetic candies..wwooahh!!


So the products I got in the box are mentioned below with their separate reviews so you get an idea of the individual product if you wish to order them separately too through Cosmetic Candy along with getting an idea if the box is worth or not.

Urban Decay Vice Mini Lipstick:



We all drool over the packaging of such luxury brands and it’s too damn chic for a lipstick to look so posh. Though the colour is not my type but yet I would love to keep this compact size in my purse. (High end brand)

Physicians Formula 2 in 1 Bronzer and Blush:


So this comes as a full-size product which is a great deal. I loved how the packaging is of the product with a magnetic container. The container has a brush too under it. So basically I get three things a brush, blush and a bronzer so I guess this product is all worth it. I loved the blush but unfortunately, the bronzer is way too light for my skin tone so at the moment using the blush on my daily basis. (Drugstore brand)

Milani Glitter Nail Polish:


Ok! so this product has to be my favourite out of all again a full-size product. Talking about the packaging till the result of the product its all jaw dropping. I mean just look at this insanely beautiful glittery packaging and how they have customized it according to the shade of the nail polish. A 10/10 product. In fact, thank you Cosmetic Candy for introducing me to this beauty. (High end brand)

Smashbox Contour Kit:


Another fancy and luxury product comes in this box. Once again the packaging of the product takes my breath away. The way it has been designed with a red glass top is way too fancy to handle and if I talk about the product then I feel I use the product more on my features like nose or lips where a smaller brush can pick up the product. Due to the small sections for the products, it’s hard to use a bigger brush. So overall I am satisfied with the product. (High end Brand)

The Balm Meet Matte Mini Liquid Lipstick:


Having this already and also if you are my follower you know my love for The Balm meet matte lipsticks. From the colour till the texture they are perfect for me. So obviously this is my already reviewed product so won’t talk much about it. (High end Brand) here’s the link for the review of The Balm Meet Matte Lipsticks

Jesus Girl Liquid Liner:


This liner is basically a pen liner which is the best part along with being waterproof yaayy!! I always seek for jet black waater proof liners and I guess this product doesn’t disappoint me in the matter of colour. The tip and applicator are the main concern for every liner and I feel this applicator is quite precise and easy to apply yet I would want the tip to be a little harder for a perfect wing but if you practice you know the drill. So since the box arrived I have only been using this liner so I guess I already love it. (Drugstore Brand)

Barry M Blush me powder:


This product is a beautiful pink blush with amazing pigmentation and is easy to blend. Also, the staying power is satisfactory. (Drugstore brand)

Ok, so I hope my mini reviews must have helped you with the understanding of the products and as well as of the worth of the beauty box. This is confirmed and is for sure that Cosmetic Candy does not add any useless products, for me all the products are very useful.

It’s the best deal you’ll ever get cause definitely you get a lot more than what you pay. Those who love makeup should definitely subscribe them as you actually get to experience some really good products which you would not invest in separately. As my biggest discovery after this box is the Milani nail polish it’s like I met the love of my life and I am sure you’ll come across a lot of love of your life products too. So here’s the link to their website and it’s time you subscribe and give it a try 😉

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Nageen Marfani

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