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We all love skin-care and so do I. In fact, I am a skin-care freak and love to try new products which benefit my skin. But being a freak, I also need to keep in mind the ingredients while trying new products as some chemical-based products can give you instant results but could lead to bizarre side effects. So this post is dedicated to a brand which masters in natural skin-care products.

I am more than pleased to find a brand like Food For Your Face By Firefly which is a Pakistani home-based brand taking skin-care to another level by creating some yummilicious skin-care products that too using only natural and safe ingredients infused with imported oils. No chemicals and adherents are used in their products so yeah I can vouch for their quality. Though it depends on the products or ingredients which skin types they suit and you need to choose wisely.

So now, I will review two of their exciting products on my blog which might help you a lot.

Good News


To avail the discounts, orders must be confirmed via the forms on their page by Friday. (Link mentioned in the end of the review)

Gray Matters – Charcoal and Mud Mask:


So, all my Snapchat followers know a few days back I acquired Food For Your Face’s new mask “Gray Matter – Charcoal and Mud Mask”.

Firstly, talking about the packaging. It is AH-MAZING and beyond expectations, I mean it seems like a jar from an high-end brand which is perfect

Now coming to the product results, firstly let me introduce my skin to you all. My skin is abnormally dry, sensitive and acne prone so it’s not easy to please my skin and it’s really hard to identify products which suit my skin. Anyways back to the product, the only thing I was deadly worried was that the mask would leave my skin dry and patchy which would not be accepted at any cost. Anyways, I applied a good amount of product on my skin which smells very pleasant too so the first plus point, and I left it for good 20 to 25 mins and rinsed my face. The thing which shocked me was how hydrated and moisturized my skin was after the mask  I mean HOW DID THAT HAPPEN  This one particular thing made my day and trust me I am not exaggerating. Now the actual results, it did leave my skin neat and clean and cleansed my skin nicely – Gave it an impact of a newly scrubbed face. I mean I couldn’t feel any roughness of my dead skin particles left on my face or anything like that. So basically it did clean my skin properly though I expected a little more glow which lacked so I wouldn’t say that it is one of the best masks as I have experienced better results from other masks too. But for this, it’s all natural so yeah the results would not be the same as the products which have chemicals in them so yeah it’s a safe investment with good results.

Sugar Plum Scrub And Polish – Amber Of The Sea:


Okay firstly, don’t you guys love the name of the scrub? To me, the name instantly gives me a feeling of freshness 😀

Anyways coming to the product. as I conducted a live session on my Snapchat for this scrub by using it on my one hand and comparing it with my other hand to differentiate the results, I will also review it here.

So coming to the packaging, it’s really good but not as attractive as the charcoal mask. Then comes the product, the good part is the texture is not like a typical scrub but feels a bit creamy which I feel is because of the essential oils and ingredients used in the product. It’s a mild kind of a scrub which is good for sensitive skin. So anyways as I applied the scrub and rubbed it over the skin, it isn’t a typical scrub but feels a bit more to the soapy side with some sugar chunks to exfoliate the skin. So overall it feels really good and smooth to use it as it nourishes the skin and exfoliates the same time. Also, a little amount is enough for one use so that the jar will last you quite longer.

Now the results: Yes there was a visible difference in both my hands and definitely my scrubbed hand felt more smooth, moisturized and clean and guys please the results might be slow due to their natural ingredients but trust me they are the most beneficial for your skin. So that was the live demo I spoke about now when I personally used the scrub on my face I really liked the results of my clean skin I mean it refreshes the skin. So again it’s a safe nice investment.

So until now, I have been liking their two much-raved products and looking forward to trying some more soon 😀

For all my followers you can buy the products from the following link and avail amazing discounts and free delivery:

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