Review – Home Cooked By Huma Zarar (K-Town Favourite Home Cooked Food Solution)

There are occasions when you start longing to eat some delicious food and when you are feeling too lazy to go to the kitchen and prepare something, you just place an order from a restaurant. And what can be better than an online home-based eatery providing a wide variety of food!

So last SUNDAY, I placed an order with the Home Cooked by Huma Zarar, which is a home-based eatery. After going through the exciting available choices on the menu, I decided to place an order of Nargisi Koftay, Chicken Cholay, Signature Wings, and Haleem.

The food was delivered on time, and it was piping hot. The aroma of the variety of cuisines multiplied my appetite and oh my god, the food did not disappoint me at all.

I started with the Signature Wings, which were coated with breadcrumbs and tasted delightful. The Nargisi Koftay were aromatic and flavorful. The succulent combination of meat and egg was absolutely delightful.

Then I tried the Chicken Cholay, and I was happy that I ordered the dish. The cholay (chickpeas) were soft and complimented the chicken gravy really nicely.

In the end, I garnished the haleem with the green-masala topping and fried onions, and the moment I took the first bite, my tastebuds were ignited with a burst of flavors that satisfied my craving of having a good food ultimately.

Overall, I would highly recommend ordering from Home Cooked By Huma Zarar eatery as they are providing tasty food with home-based hygiene while also being light on the pocket.

To place your order or to check their menu please click here.

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