Review: Huda Beauty Lashes

Hello my beauty queens! I am back with a review on the much raved Huda Beauty lashes. As according to my survey we analysed that Huda Beauty is the most favourite eyelash brand for ladies.

First and foremost, I want to start off by saying Huda was actually THE reason I started beauty blogging in the first place as she’s a blogger herself. So I’m very excited to write this post and share with you all my thoughts on their product.


So as the Huda beauty lashes belong to Huda, I always wanted them.. eehh!! It was so hard to wait so long. But as I was not so sure about the lashes, how they will end up looking on me as I noticed all Huda beauty lashes are bit dramatic and I already have naturally thick and long lashes I don’t really need them so often. Mascara is enough to give my lashes a boost.  So yeah it was a gamble for me to choose which of the Huda beauty lashes I should get for myself.


Another drawback, we in Pakistan have to choose branded products from online stores so yeah have to make up our mind just by the provided online pictures or videos *snif snif* Online shopping feels so hard sometimes :'(


Well anyways I chose Huda beauty mink lashes in FARAH!!!!! (They looked so beautiful to me when I saw some pictures of Huda wearing them)


So finally got my hands on them and what I doubted came out true, they are way too dramatic for me Ahhh!! As I naturally have thick heavy lashes so adding some heavy falsies makes my eyes look so dark that I end up looking like a ghost lol. While I had them on, I noticed sometimes due to the change in lightening dimensions the lashes created a shadow under my eyes which was giving me an effect of having dark circles *which I don’t have at all #Blessed* and just that the band is bit thicker so a bit hard to set them on your lids.

But coming to the product they are BOMB. So freaking beautiful, amazing and jaw dropping. Highly recommended to all the dolls here who love falsies and prefer dramatic looks. The quality they are giving is super amazing and perfect. Grab them girls 😀

And yeah for me they are bit costly in Pakistan I got them for PKR 3300. Well for falsies they are bit expensive.

But over all I am a happy customer of Huda. I love all her other products and these lashes too, they are so beautiful and will compliment your eyes completely if you have light lashes.

P.s Not liking dramatic looks is my personal choice but for all other’s these lashes are highly recommended.

Happy Shopping!!

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Nageen Marfani

Written by Nageen Marfani

Nageen Marfani is an enigmatic Google certified blogger and is a regular writer for one of the leading news organizations of the world, the Huffington Post. She is trained under Huda Kattan (Huda Beauty). Her online magazine features the trending gossips, highlights, reviews and interviews of the leading happenings, celebrities and events related to fashion, entertainment, lifestyle and food.

She is an avid lover of makeup and loves travelling. Her work and achievements has brought Nageen acclaim from renowned international celebrities.


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  1. Huda Beauty is my most favorite brand and her products are also most coveted. I loved your review and the fact that you have not only shared her praises but also the fact that drama is not for everyone ????

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