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A few days back I received a box full of Korean skincare goodies by a Facebook page called The Skin MASKuerade.
I am basically a skin care freak and love to try new products and companies though sometimes it actually ruins my skin for using so many products at the same time, but now I try to shift onto products gradually.
So it took me long to experience all these products by the page and honestly I have been craving to try some Korean skin care products as every blogger, MUA and YouTuber was raving about them. So before I could order I received this bunch of happiness on my doorstep with a beautiful presentable yellow box. Thank you team Skin Maskuerade for fulfilling my craving. Also, I really like your company name  😉 and before sending the products, the sweetest lady who is the owner of the page asked my skin type so she could send the products accordingly (How sweet is that) So as you all know I own a very highly irritating dry and acne prone skin urgh! I hate talking about my skin type, it makes me cry  so the lady sent me products accordingly.

Anyways now coming to the products. Firstly, keep in mind the page does not own the company of the products they are just the sellers of these Korean products. I’ll mention the list of products I received, so it gets easier for you all to understand.

1) The Aqua Bomb Hydrating Sheet Mask: I really enjoyed and loved the results by this sheet mask which was for hydration and glow. I am super upset that I only had 1 piece of this mask as only 1 application made my skin glowing, hydrated and alive. I am sure their regular use will definitely make a difference.

2) 3D Medi Pore – Pore Tightening Sheet Mask: Well this mask might have made a slight difference to my pores but more than that my skin felt really fresh and firmed after the use. Again possibly using it regularly would make a difference.

3) Pumpkin Sleeping Mask: So this was the tiniest product of all which was suppose to be applied before sleeping and leaving it over night. As I own a very sensitive skin I thought it would be a risk to sleep with it so I tried the mask and left it for good 1 hour and trust me my skin felt AH-MAZINGLY SOFT, moisturized, smooth silky and the best. I still do not believe in leaving it over night but that 1 hour was enough for the product to reveal its magical effects. But again I felt it had temporary results and regular use might bring a difference.

4) Vitalising Orange Pads: This pack comes up with 10 pads to soothe up your skin. Well for me it didn’t make any difference or made my skin calmed or soothed. *Thumbs Down*

5) Vita Lemon Sparkling Gel: The yellow mini sachet you can see. Well again no result, no changes nothing at all.

6) AC Clean Up: So this product description sounded really interesting and beneficial for me as it said that it is a veil which has to be applied before makeup on your acne spots so you get a clean smooth canvas to apply your makeup on. A person like me who have a lot of breakouts now and then would love to invest in a product like this. So when I applied it on my acne spots, it was too sticky and greasy which dried out after taking quite long. So once it was dried out it did cover my acne with a veil but the edges of the veil started peeling and looked extremely weird and abnormal as if my skin is peeling out and it went worse after I started applying my foundation with a brush. The veil completely peeled off in a minute so this product is a flop.

7) ArtLess Glow Base: I am sorry I haven’t tried this product yet and I’ll be honest about it as my skin was suffering from allergies and I couldn’t actually risk something at this stage. Don’t Worry if it works for me I’ll definitely post about it.

So the conclusion is: I loved the sheet masks and I would definitely repurchase them and the other stuff was not that satisfying but that does not mean the other range of products would be the same. Msg the page and ask for their recommendation as the lady is really sweet and helping. Secondly, they have some fantastic deals going on which you guys can check out on the following link and also they are selling these products at an excellent price so do check them out:

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