Review – Loreal Pure Clay Mask

Nothing makes we Pakistani girls happier when some imported beauty brand or product reaches the local market of Pakistan and just a few days back the much raved Loreal Pure Mud Mask reached our local website with an enormous difference of price. We have been paying for this mask double the price all these years through pre-orders. So I ordered this mask the same day it got released in Pakistan. You can now imagine my excitement.

I always heard some amazing reviews about this mask and as you all know I am a skin care freak and thought I would give it a try and will share my reviews with you all. So firstly I would like to appreciate for their excellent service for delivering my order the very next day.

The first thing which attracted me about the mask was how people always compared this with the GlamGlow mask as they share first three same ingredients which are (Water, Montmorillonite, Kaolin) The 2 weird names which you can see are different types of muds. So yeah I was more excited for Loreal’s mask as they share same ingredients but an unbelievable price difference which was amazing.

Anyways coming to the review


Packaging: The first thing is the packaging which was pretty impressive, comes with a thick glass jar which is presentable too at the same time. So as you open the jar you see a nice think shiny textured mask which is really tempting. So once I dipped my fingers in and applied it on my face it felt heavenly due to the perfumed fragrance it had, I know this strong fragrance must be irritating for few people but for me something which smells good is the best things I could ask from beauty products. I literally LOUVED the fragrance and even if you can bare just a few minutes then you must cause the fragrance fades away in a couple of minutes.

Application: The mask glides on your skin like butter on a toast so easy and effortlessly. You do not get any patchiness it breaks down quickly covering your skin with the least amount of product so that means the jar will last for a good amount of applications.


According to the instructions and having very sensitive skin you have to leave the mask for around 10 to 15 minutes which is exactly when your mask dries up turns into light gray color and gets stiff for what the masks are known for. So after a few minutes, you could visibly see the mask getting into your pores. Which is a pure proof of deep cleansing.

Results: I rinsed the mask with lukewarm water and it rinses away very easily and smoothly which is really good as you don’t get to rub your skin much or you have to face any mess. So right after the wash, you do see a visible change to your skin. Your skin feels tight, clean, fresh with smoother complexion.

So for me, the mask really did well and good. I had satisfactory results. The only con I feel is, it leaves the skin to the dry side and doesn’t give a glow. It’s like a pale clean detoxed skin. But the results completely justifies the price. It’s even a lot cheaper than my previous masks which I have been using. So I guess its worth every penny and I am really glad to purchase it. Actually, I’ll be repurchasing it definitely.

And here’s the highly demanded review for you all, I hope it helps you take the right decision.

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