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Review – Maharaani (Skin Care Brand)

Skincare has always been a concern for everyone and finding a solution to overcome all the skin problems is a task. To achieve the perfect flawless skin we keep on experimenting with International and local brands finding solutions.

Today we will talk about a local “Made in Pakistan” brand called Maharaani serving us with holistic skincare solutions. Here’s all you need to know about them:


This brand is owned by Maliha Rao who’s a certified holistic healer. The brand is a holistic skincare brand and actually not just a brand but a concept promoting Self Love, Self-Care and Self Confidence. It is also an online Reiki Pakistan healing shop.

They also offer various therapies like Reiki, Crystal Healing, Wellness and Holistic Counselling to treat the required balance of your mind, body and soul.

The name of the brand MAHARAANI also depicts and promotes mahraani attitude, bold and confident.
We were really excited to use their products and we always believe in promoting local brands and how they can easily give competition to international standards.

1.Meraki Anti Aging Facial Oil

This face oil is handcrafted with original formulations made with non-toxic materials and 100% pure essential oils which helps to maintain hydration to your skin keeping it tighter and balanced skin tone.  We should not expect overnight miracles from anti-aging products as they can’t reverse the damage but can prevent and prolong the aging process. But the visible difference which you will notice is how hydrated, glowing and smooth your skin texture will get. The best part about this oil Is that it is non-sticky and non-greasy.


Rosehip, Geranium, Lavender
Frankincense, neroli, apricot Kernel and grape seed


It’s a 20ml bottle containing a dropper which is advised to use twice a day, taking 3 drops and gently massaging it all over the face and neck. You can take more than 3 drops too depending on your skin.

2. LUNA Synergy Oil Blend for Sleep Ease


Probably the majority of us are suffering from everyday stress, be it your job duties or your personal life. We all deserve a little ease and way-outs to calm ourselves and minds.
The luna synergy essential oil, the name speaks for itself is an oil promoting relaxation and calmness which is blended with essential oils known to encourage restful sleep while minimizing the effects of everyday stress.
It will drift you into a peaceful sleep removing all the tiredness & fatigue of the day will help you for an energetic tomorrow.


Vetiver, Lavender, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Coconut.


Put few drops on wrists, forehead & sternum.
Use it before sleeping.
If you are hesitating before using it then test it by applying 1 drop behind ears leaving it for 15 minutes to see the effect.

Hope you enjoyed the review and will add these holistic products in your routine. To shop click here.

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