Review – Meal Online Chocolates

Hey readers, I got a package of chocolates from a home-made eatery, Meal Online and I am reviewing it for all the chocolate fanatics like me out there who love trying out different brands of chocolates to satisfy their craving.


So the owner was sweet enough and sent me five different unique and exciting flavors which were:

  • Mocca Chocolate
  • Nutella Filled
  • Naughty Nutty
  • Plain Chocolate
  • Choco Filled

The chocolates were nicely packed and labeled with all the flavors for my ease. The best part of these chocolates are that they are totally hygienic as they are home-made but being home-based didn’t cause any hindrance for Meal Online to use high-end chocolate to make these yummilicious treats.


Out of all, my favorites were Nutella Filled, Naughty Nutty and Choco filled. I mean literally they are irresistible, I actually can’t fulfill my craving with just one.

These chocolates are freshly made so they taste divine and come in beautiful shapes which is something I appreciate a lot as for me presentation means a lot. While eating it, I didn’t feel anything less than what I do while eating a premium brand chocolate so it is a double thumbs up for Meal Online to come up with such delicious and incredible chocolates.


The only thing which bothers me about the brand is their packaging which is confusing for many to differ them with the street quality chocolates until they don’t taste it. So I would recommend them to change the packaging because being compared with street quality chocolates is not justified for the quality they sell. Other than that I love them!

To order chocolates from Meal Online, head over to their Facebook page here: Meal Online

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