Review – Pengs Salon New Branch Bukhari Commercial

With all the continuous and long-tiring work for days, I decided to take a well-deserved break and gave myself a much-needed visit along with my sister to the newly opened branch of Pengs Salon at Bukhari Commercial, Karachi.


As soon as I entered the salon, I started getting the vibes that I made the right decision of visiting Pengs’ newly opened branch as I just fell in love with the sleek and chic look of it’s interior the moment I set my steps inside. Because of the hectic schedule I had been having and spending complete days in front of my MacBook, I decided to opt for a full body massage with Guinot Essential Oils while my sister opted for the neck, back and hair massage.


As soon as I entered the spa room, I was overwhelmed with the interior and I have no words to describe the super-soothing massage that the professional masseur gave me. She just knew where to put the right pressure and I am just ready to get it every single day. It was that good and I felt completely euphoric and ecstatic.


Apart from that, my sister also thoroughly enjoyed and loved her back and neck massage which also had a bonus of hair massage. And there was this magical thing that happened with her hair and they ended up being all shiny and straight after the hair wash.

Both of us loved the experience of getting the massages at Pengs Salon’s Bukhari Commercial branch and found it to be really exceptional and the charges were also quite nominal considering the protocol and pampering you get there. Thank you Kainat Munir for all the love. 

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