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When Scoop O Scrub as a sponsor sent us their scrubs for our previous Giveaway, I couldn’t resist these gorgeous scrubs having such fresh and delightful scents and I guess the very next day I ordered two of their most raved scrubs which were the body scrub in Plumeria and lip scrub in Happy Go Berry.
I’ll review the scrubs one by one:

Lip Scrub – Happy Go Berry:


I have previously used few lip scrubs and nothing made me feel the way this lip scrub did. Firstly I can write paragraphs upon paragraphs on their flavors and scents. They smell like vacations lol I know I sound crazy to say that but yes I am not joking whenever I smell this scrub I go into a nostalgia of my vacations, sitting on a beach having pinacoladas with the fresh breeze hitting my face… MY GOD! it’s heavenly and the fragrance and the smooth texture make me want to eat them (Trust me I am not a mentally challenged person but it’s just my obsession speaking here )

Khair the results are equally as good as the scent and the scrub leaves your lips smooth, pink, dead skin free and plumped up to apply your favorite lipstick easily to give a fuller effect. A 10/10 product.

Body Scrub – Plumeria:

Now again this scrub smells H E A V E N and if again I’ll write paragraphs over the scent you people might unfollow me  so I am skipping this and would just want to say their every scrub smells unbelievably fresh and pleasant. So coming to the product, yes it leaves your skin smooth and beautiful, exfoliates your skin beautifully and this has been tried and tested that after every use your skin will smell heavenly that too for a longer period. So you don’t even need a perfumed lotion for yourself if you use these scrubs. VOLA! Scoop O Scrub you won my heart

Face Scrub – Passionately Peachy:


So this came scrub came to me in a basket full of gifts by Sheops for the international womens day celebration and to see this scrub in my basket made my day as I was very desperate to try this. So Firstly I would really like to ask the owner that how in the world she creates these scents. This peach flavor got me insane and as I touched the scrub :O I can’t even describe how gentle it felt. The proper consistency and formula we need for a face scrub. It should be mild enough to not torture the face skin and yet takes off the dead skin and leaves it fresh and glowing. Being very impressed with this scrub which did wonders and I have been craving all my life to get a scrub gentle enough to not trigger my acne and I am really glad Scoop O Scrub came out with something so good. Definitely a re-purchase for me.

Lastly, I am so obsessed with them that I already want to try all their flavors and soon I will. If you want to order few of them then click the link and you are good to go:

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Nageen Marfani

Written by Nageen Marfani

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