Review – The Balm Meet Matte Mini Liquid Lipstick

Girls, did you heard about the new ” The Balm Meet Matte Mini Liquid Lipstick” set?
The very first thing I’ll tell you about them before anything else is GO GRAB IT NOW!!!! It’s a must must have set.
The colours are to die for. Secondly, the mini’s have a good amount of product which will last you a couple of days.
Thirdly, I am in LOVE with the formula and the minty flavour you feel once you apply them. They are purely loving and the best part is they are quite long-lasting. So I guess you all need to get this.

It’s a really good deal of 6 mini’s and with the price you get it. I guess its one of the best liquid lipstick sets you’ll ever get.


and what I have done is, I have kept them in my purse as they occupy no space, comfortable for traveling and you get the best colours to have it on your side to rescue you anytime

The colours which are part of the set are:
1) Sincere
2) Doting
3) Committed
4) Dedicated
5) Charming
6) Loyal

The price range varies from page to page in between PKR 2800 to Pkr 4000.

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