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Hey my glam dolls! Today we are bringing the most important aspect of our face. You want to know what? let’s head towards the blog 😀

So do you all want to feel confident? Of course everyone want’s to.

And one of the most important confidence booster for us women are our eyes!

Eyes can be the window to your soul, the feature everyone looks into first. Eyes cannot handle any neglection or compromise.

For me, my eyes takes all my attention when it comes to makeup. Their is a huge whole variety to make your eyes look even prettier but what enhances your eyes the most?

EYELASHES! Yes right! Eyelashes.

A perfect pair of lashes can make a whole huge difference to your beauty. To find the perfect pair which suits and compliments your eyes is one clever decision to make. With this struggle for my eyes, I came across a Pakistani eyelash brand called The Lash Bar.

Well at first, I was dying to have them just for their packaging. Damn! they have some amazing pretty, chic packaging and all that time I was thinking what if the eyelashes are as good as the packaging. SERIOUSLY THAT WILL MAKE MY LIFE BETTER.

I always love to try Pakistani good brands just for the sake of easy access and reasonable rates. So does the Lash Bar lashes were very easy to get along with some good pocket friendly prices.

So finally placed my order and got my hands on them. I have tried their 3 styles which are:

1) Scandalous

2) Bow Chica Wow Wow

3) Posh

So as soon as I received them, I kept drooling over the amazing Packaging. It’s seriously 10/10. Seems like an international brand.



Coming up to the product, for me ‘SCANDALOUS’ top’s the rank. The way this style suits me. No other style ever suited me this best. Owning naturally thick and long lashes I always need something which is not that heavy to give a dramatic look nor something very light which wont make a difference. Just wanted a perfect sized and thick lashes which I found in SCANDALOUS. This style has been my biggest discovery. A perfect lash style to suit me up.

Bow Chica Wow Wow:


These lashes are great to add volume to your lashes, well it differs on what kind of lashes you naturally have. So here I’ll talk about myself, so as I mentioned before about my natural eyelashes I feel this one is great to add some volume and density to my lashes staying in the natural zone. Where you can’t really figure out If I have been wearing any falsies or not. So for me they work as a good replacement for Scandalous.



Posh is not really my kind of lashes as they look too natural on me. So yeah they don’t really make a difference to my eyes so I only wore them once or twice and since then I feel the other two styles suits me more. But this style looked amazing on my cousin who doesn’t have heavy lashes naturally. So as I said before it all depends on what kind of natural eyelashes you own. So they work for me on my casual and day looks.

Quality Of The Lashes:


Coming up to the comfort, Yes for me they are super comfortable with a thin flexible-easy to wear band. They are almost of no weight and you don’t feel any sort of burden on your lids. Imagine a person like me who doesn’t feel comfortable wearing lashes actually love wearing them. For me their style, packaging, pricing and comfort are way too good. Thumbs Up guys.

By the way mentioning that they have a huge whole variety of their lash styles which have dramatic lashes such as ‘DRAMA MAMA’ and lighter ones like ‘PLUMAGE’ and the list goes on and on.

The only draw back is that the lashes are quite delicate. Once you clean them the hair of the lashes do break out at times and honestly that’s bit disappointing as due to the other qualities available in market your expectations rise so high that you don’t want to accept any drawback. But of course no brand is perfect and I am glad they can always work on this and overcome this draw back easily. They can always improve their lasting quality.

Wishing the lash bar team all the very best and hope they enter the international market real soon <3

And of course many of you would want to empty your wallets on their brand. So of course you can go to the following link and can shop happily: The Lash Bar

Also avail 10% exclusive discount with the code: VogueAmour10

Happy Shopping Girls!!!


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