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Spring brings many wonderful things. Warmer temperatures, cool showers, flowers, chirping birds and if its Pakistan then we love to play with rich colours and our very own trending Lollywood and Truck art creations.

Elaborate designs, kaleidoscopic colour schemes and intricate artisan-ship, Truck Art and Lollywood art is one of the most culturally celebrated form of art in Pakistan. As Pakistanis, we love everything vibrant and loud. Our truck art represents all that more. It’s beautiful how chaotic designs and multicoloured palettes are integrated to create something so elaborate and so stunning.

Today, we will showcase a brand Womaniya Designs which promotes this art in a all new perspective. Please enjoy this post to the fullest as I enjoyed the products much more than I could ever explain.


About The Brand:


It’s a small venture with great hopes by 3 friends, they are proud graduates of The Indus Valley school of Art and Architecture decided to jump on this band wagon. They launched their brand with their first ever “Lollywood: Billo & Jutt collection”, and moved forward with “Karachi meri jaan”. They are looking forward to bring new and exciting themes every now and then, Insha’Allah. They also facilitate their customers with custom orders.

Our Experience with The Brand:


Its very rare to find a brand which offers high quality products along with a huge variety of contrasts. We experienced their Cross body bags, Tote Bag, Cushions and Frames.

They were amazingly beautiful, dipped in the essence of Lollywood and Truck art designs. Personally I really like this touch of Desi Pakistani and I completely encourage this brand for promoting our culture and something Pakistan is known for. Keep it Up Guys. In love with your art work along with the quality you provide.



Firstly look at the design, so funky and so Lollywood. The very known Shabbo and Billo Jutt pairing make it more than traditional. Best for decoration whether you have a artistic drawing room, living room or you have a full on funk bedroom. They are one eye-popping piece of art.

Now coming to their comfort. They are stuffed with fiber fill, this cushy pillow is sure to please anyone looking for something soft to lean against, but they provide a soft resting place for your head with flexibility. Womaniya designs invites you to twist, flip, and turn the product to the right adjustment for you. Thumbs up to this product.

Tote bag:


Okay, so…Can you imagine something more than perfect than this alluring traditional funky tote bag. Now try to take off your eyes from the beautiful print so we can examine the quality of the actual bag. I’ve already used this bag and can vouch for the fact that the straps are comfortable.

Even though the handle has no special padding, it was very comfortable on my shoulder. This tote is an instant classic for every occasion. Designed with a spacious interior.

Cross body bags:

IMG-20160525-WA0018 IMG-20160525-WA0020

It’s no secret we spend endless hours on social media in pursuit of finding gorgeous bags–after all, it’s part of being a girl. As the youth is already in a desi fashion state of mind now a days and promoting many Lollywood and truck art based cafes and apparels. Here are some cross body bags to compliment your craze for such art. Look at the rich colours and designs to look full desi kuri when you carry them. Makes us look Proud Pakistani’s… ahan that’s the best part of this brand that we promote our culture through it while looking gorgeous and stylish. Adding on they are super spacious and have good durable locks on them to make it safe for you to carry.



Dramatic interiors are always attractive, Lollywood based designs have been doing the rounds lately so Womaniya designs very cleverly designed these frames to compliment your interiors. I always favour the idea of adding colours to your interiors whether its your house, rooms, cafes or restaurants. When colours hangs on the walls I am sure they can never look ugly. At least it’s a high five from my side for these fun frames.

When I placed the frames in my room, it looked perfect. People have been attracted to it as they come in and always comment on the standard of the frame. I shall use the service again as I love such funky additions to my room.


So here it ends though I have a lot to write and describe about the brand and their amazing creative work. Absolutely in love with your products Womaniya Designs. I am sure you people have a long way to go.

Hope all my followers enjoyed this post and are thinking to buy all these appealing products above. I f you want to buy them here’s the link: Womaniya Designs

Enjoy your shopping Tadaaa!!!

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