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It can be a makeup disaster trying and testing so many foundations but never finding the right one. Vogue Amour has all the info you need on finding the right foundation for your Asian skin tone.

nding the perfect foundation is like finding the perfect man; you have to go through many unsuitable types before you find the right one.

Many Asian women are on a quest to find that moment; the moment whereby they feel satisfied they’ve finally found that perfect foundation which matches their skin tone.

Like others before you, you may have walked in and out of department stores having purchased a foundation, only to go home and realise you look way too dark, light or ashy.

It’s no secret that a lot of Asian women struggle with finding the right colour, opting to go a tone fairer as opposed to darker.

Asian WomanBut nowadays it is easier to find the perfect match so there are no excuses for looking like a Japanese Geisha girl every time you walk out of the house.

Of course, looking back at around the 1970’s, the variety of colours available for Asian women was extremely limited.

Compare that to now, and you’ll be able to see a much larger variety of options open to you.

In the last few years companies like Benefit have also expanded their foundation line. Julie Bell, Benefits brand’s executive vice president of Global Marketing explains why it’s taken so long:

“Developing deeper foundation shades can be challenging. The range of skin tones is incredibly broad, and women with darker skin have varying undertones on different parts of the face.”

There are also companies now who cater specifically to Asian women such as EX1 Cosmetics. EX1 Cosmetics is an award-winning brand created to complement skin tones from fair to olive, using unique yellow/golden undertones.

Creator and founder, Farah Naz, only started this company when she herself found it a hassle to search for the perfect foundation:

“I was genuinely frustrated by the lack of affordable cosmetics that were available to women with my skin tone, and I pretty quickly realised that my friends and family shared the same problems buying make-up as I did.”

Here are some of our top foundations for your Asian skin tone:

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow -This is an oil free, brightening foundation with light to medium coverage.



EX1 Invisiwear Foundation – Specially formulated for olive skin toned women, this foundation promises a perfect skin effect.



Bobbi Browns Skin Foundation – UV protection, light formula and long wearing, what more could you ask for?



NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser – Evens skin tone while giving a sheer dewy finish, plus it’s fragrance free with a hint of turmeric extract.




MAC Matchmaster Foundation – Foundation technology, using translucent pigments to enable a fully personalised finish blending in with your own skin’s undertones.



So how can you achieve that beautifully flawless finish? Here are some of our top tips on finding that perfect shade:

1. Choose a foundation with the right base

Generally speaking Asian skin tones have yellow, golden or peachy undertones in them rather than pink, red or blue, so pick foundations with the according base.

2. Vein Test

A good and quick way to help determine your skin’s undertone, although it doesn’t always work for everyone, is to check the colour of your veins. If your veins look blue, you have a cool undertone, if they look green you have a warm undertone and if you can’t tell, you’re neutral.


3. Talk to the beauty consultant

Ask the person at the counter what foundations (if any) in their range are suited for Asian skin tones. Discuss what you want from your foundation such as a dewy or matte finish, long lasting or natural looking etc.

4. Sample, Sample, Sample!

You can’t buy a foundation without trying it on so don’t feel pressured by the sales person to buy on the day, and remember to look at yourself in natural daylight as this is the most truthful lighting and will indicate you how you really look.

5. Don’t go light

We all know people (including ourselves) who want to be lighter. As Asian women it may just be wired into our brains that fairer is better, but this just isn’t the case.

By wearing a foundation that is a few shades lighter you’re not doing yourself any favors, people can tell when your foundation is too light. Be proud of your natural skin tone and find a foundation that will compliment it.


So next time you’re looking for a foundation be sure to keep these simple tips in mind, and with there being more choice than ever on the market you will soon find the perfect match.

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