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Sheops Website Launch – Become a successful entrepreneur

About The Brand:


Sheops is Pakistan’s first online women’s marketplace and community that enables them to buy or sell products and services, monetize their talents, cash in on their closets, share ideas about building a business and network with other women.

The marketplace caters to individual/commercial sellers and buyers, as well as aspiring women entrepreneurs wanting to start a business.

The Website Launch Event:

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Sheops website launch event was one of the best motivational events we ever experienced.It had all the positivity one’s need in their life, in fact we ourselves got so much incentivized by all the entrepreneurs and hompreneurs when they shared their experiences with all of us. How such mundane house wives and college/university going girls turned their lives into such a comely journey of prosperity. The guests of honour attended the launch too and shared their amazing journey and experiences, which were truly inspiring.


The motivational stories by all the guests and entrepreneurs were concluded when all those women discovered their talent and posted their creativity on the very famous group and platform of Facebook named Sheops and how astonishingly their talent was appreciated and accepted by people that now they have grown into prosperous business women’s, they now have employees working for them. I mean how astounding this could be.

Some successful stories like  includes these names too:


As we women belong to the society where since childhood we have a mind set of getting married and accepting it as our destiny and priority in life, but that is not how we suppose to live. We as women’s need to explore our talents and change our perspectives and ideas, which are buried inside us and are getting wasted by the passing time.

We as women’s now need to develop a thought of working professionally too, which can make us more vigorous and independent. We as women’s should pursue our studies and commence working on our dreams and we require to implement that on our daughters too.

As we say its never too late, for all the women’s who are married and are bound with their responsibilities should commence working on their aptitudes and achieve their dreams. Such women’s desperately need a platform such as Sheops. It is one platform which sanctions all the ladies who are bound with responsibilities or suffering financial crises can achieve their dreams that too free of cost and ease. Just explore your talent and start working from home, no office hassle no time commitment. Just flow with your convenience and let your dreams take over your life.

Now if we cerebrate to launch a brand our main concern always be the marketing which needs heavy investment. Which is not affordable for all. Many house wives and ladies give up on their dreams just by the conception of spending a bulk amount on marketing. But than Sheops came into existence and made lives more facile for many.

I believe sheops is one best platform I have ever come across for all the ladies out there. I am sure it can transmute your life as it transmuted many lives. So don’t sit up and waste your life in your house but explore your talents and lead towards prosperity with the help of Sheops.

As we say IMPOSSIBLE says it self I M POSSIBLE.

Go for it ladies! Your life is waiting to experience all your dreams.

Vogue Amour is very proud of Sheops and we wish them all the very best for contributing in our society with the most effective way.

Sheops launched Website:

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