The Color That Will Reign In 2018!

Every year there’s a color that rules throughout. If you recall how the color green had been very dominant during the previous year, that was because the color greenery was Pantone’s color for 2017. Pantone, is the color institute that is responsible for color communication and inspiration.

And that very color for 2018, is finally out. Pantone, has chosen a thoughtful and provocative purple shade. A shade that communicates originality and visionary thinking in the not so distant future.

Umm, a lot of the wordy description, it’s time to end the suspense and reveal the color – ULTRA VIOLET. So, get ready for some serious onslaught of violet on your social media this year! Look below how this color will look in our lives in form of literally everything.

The color in your living room, violet sofa definitely looks chic! and has all my heart, ughh!

Or maybe a violet bedroom wall. I’m already filled with all violet vibes, are you!? Okay, maybe I need to reschedule my room’s renovation to as earliest as possible.

How ’bout some purple in your hair? Damn, they actually look sexy (only if I could be that daring, ugh).

Violet and makeup, no that didn’t freak me out. Check out how you can add some violet into your makeup look. Brb, I’m dying at how gorgeously blended it is (if that made sense but ok you got it).

Vio-lips didn’t come out as exciting to me, because we’ve been seeing that ever since a long time now,right? But, now we will definitely see it (much) more. And maybe. just maybe, I might actually pull myself to wear it. Haha!

Not to miss out, violet colored clothing, will definitely rock this year.

So, what do you think about the color of the year? Have you already imagined a violet wardrobe this year because I have already done that. I mean’t, only imagined, the violet fantasy (my wardrobe). However, purple always excites me but I don’t really know how it will be as the color of the year (I mean that’s huge).

Well, all we can do is, wish all the best to Ultra Violet, I’ve high hopes in you lad.






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