The Makeup Vocabulary

There are so many words that are now added to the ‘makeup vocab’. Little did the inventors of those words know that those words would be given a totally different yet creative meaning. Now, just as how language plays an important role in communication,  the makeup language is a staple if you want to enter a beauty store. Here are some common words and phrases that have been added to the ‘Makeup Vocabulary’:

  1. Baking:                                                                                                  This technique includes applying translucent powder under the eyes and on the high points of the face, in order to set the base makeup and dust of the excess. To add, the term has been used in the drag community since long, but thanks to the new makeup trends, the technique has got some attention.
  2. Giving life:When makeup looks really good and gives some purpose to our lives. Huda Beauty, for instance, gives us life with that ever-flawless skin.
  3. Cut-Crease:                                                                                                                          A really sharp line drawn across the crease of the eye in order to give some serious definition. This technique helps uplifting eyes.
  4. Non-touring:Choosing not to contour, a concept brought to us by Kim Kardashian, who claimed that she no longer needs contouring. But uh, we do.
  5. Strobing: It means to use a highlighter. That’s about it.
  6. Lit: To have an insanely popping highlighter. Please don’t mix it with its colloquial definition!
  7. Hit pan: When you reach the bottom of a compact or palette and then grieve about it till you get your next salary (or pocket money).
  8. Haul: When you spend more than you can on new beauty products, and then it is followed by a show-and-tell session on Snapchat or Instagram.
  9. Garage doors: When you apply a single shade on your entire eye up till your brows. This trend was very common in the ’80s.
  10. Beat face: The makeup application is so perfect from all angles (while taking photos too).

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