Top 10 Winter Beauty Tips To Keep You Protected

The winters are (almost) here but our skin doesn’t feel welcoming enough. It has started to feel parched and itchy? The obvious answer to this might be to reach for something soothing but it ain’t this simple. Your skin needs more than that. So, to beat the winter blahs, here are some tips about how to soothe your skin, protect your hair, and to pamper your body the way it should be:

1.Avoid hot baths, no matter how good they may feel. Hot water helps to get rid of grease from dishes, similarly it can remove natural oils from skin. Hence, take lukewarm showers and make their duration shorter


2. Don’t skip on the conditioner. It helps keep your hair moist and manageable. 


3. Prevent dandruff by frequent oiling. Add few drops of lemon juice to the oil, for best results.


4. Try covering your head with a hat or a hoodie, as the cold winds damage the strands. Also, go for regular trimming to avoid split ends.


5. Replenish the moisture that you lose after a shower. Drinking plenty of water may not be enough, as hydration does not make a difference to the outer layers of the skin. Therefore, moisturize your skin after shower and before bedtime.


6. Don’t forget the sunscreen, as exposure to sun in winters can also cause tan.


7. Opt for a creamy liquid foundation to avoid dry patches and flakiness. Also don’t forget to moisturize your face well enough before putting on makeup.


8. Make use of lip balms that will help retain moisture and provide wind protection. Also use wax based lipsticks so that your lips don’t crack.


9. Apply Vaseline or any moisturizer on your feet and wear socks. This tip will keep your feet soft like ever.


10. Use coconut oil as a makeup remover. It will help moisturize your skin and protect your skin from dryness caused by regular makeup removers.

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