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Top Desserts In Karachi To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

No matter how full we are, there’s always some space for desserts. But a dessert that is actually satisfying enough for our sweet tooth. Well, if you’re living in Karachi, you don’t have to worry about the options available, as there are several of them. From mouthwatering continental desserts to desi sweet dishes, the city simply caters all your possible dessert cravings. Here are 10 desserts that are totally worth the calories:
  1. Bella Vita’s Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies: Well, who doesn’t crave for rich and chewy cookies at night? But we are often too lazy to go to a restaurant or to bake some on our own. However, if that’s the case with you too, then Bella Vita is our ultimate solution as they deliver their desserts too. They have this freshly baked giant cookie which has the right amount of chewiness and fudginess. Also, they serve it with an ice-cream scoop of choice. 
  2. Okra’s Creme Brulee: Out of the many sophisticated desserts, creme brulee is the fanciest. And undoubtedly the most richest. But many cafes/restaurants in Karachi fail to keep up with the real goodness of this dessert, except for Okra. It consists of a rich custard base topped with a layer of caramelized sugar. The combination of fluffiness and crunchiness will make your hunger disappear in mere moments. 
  3. Chai Wala’s Nutella Paratha: We cannot simply kill the desi in us, even when it comes to desserts. Paratha is our favorite breakfast item but a paratha with Nutella simply satisfies the uninvited dessert cravings. Without any doubt, Chai Wala offers the scrumptious Nutella Paratha and that even at a pocket friendly price. 
  4. Cafe Koel’s Chocolate Lava Cake: Almost all the eateries have chocolate lava cake on their menu now but hardly a few are able to make a divine one. Cafe Koel offers one that is exceptionally good and has the richest taste and not too sweet lava. 
  5. The Fam Patisserie: Who wouldn’t mind some waffles? I personally love all of their flavours but Ferrero is an exception. They’ve got a generous size, as well as a generous amount of topping that fills the entire waffle with its flavour. The most pocket-friendly and delicious dessert in town. 
  6. Scream’s Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream: The trend of nitrogen ice-cream has made its way successfully to our city. After an astounding debut at the Karachi Eat Festival, they’ve now opened up an outlet. The ice-cream is prepared in front of our eyes, cold fumes are turned into our favorite scoop of ice-cream. They’ve wide range of flavours from Nutella to Blueberry Cheesecake, to satisfy every niche craving one can have. 
  7. Espresso’s Apple Crumble: Definitely heaven on earth. It contains baked chopped apples that are topped with a crisp streusel crust and it’s served warm with vanilla ice cream.

  8. Mews’ Nutella Banoffee with Candied Pecans: One of the finest desserts, simply delicious with multiple layers of chocolate, toffee, banana and crunchy cookies. A sugarholic’s paradise. 
  9. Mocca’s ‘Forget about Molten Lava cakes’ Brownie Melt: It consists of a warm chocolate brownie floating on a bed of rich chocolate sauce which is simply incredible that you won’t stop until your plate is completely empty. Hence, its name, it will actually make you forget molten lava cakes.
  10. Doh Churros: We’ve all had churros abroad as a patent street dessert but finally the trend has made its way to our city too. After their success at Karachi Eat Festival, Doh has opened up their outlet at Bukhari. Crisp churro covered with cinnamon sugar and Nutella literally oozing out, a sight that you cannot help but fall in love with.

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