TV One Upcoming Serial Seeta Bagri – Bloggers Meet-up

TV One’s latest drama serial, Seeta Bagri, launched in a star-studded one-of-a kind Bloggers Meetup  with the screening  after a special meet-and-greet session with the dynamic cast at The Patio. Seeta Bagri will air at 8:00pm from November 17 on TV One.

The drama producer, Adnan Siddiqui, writer/director Iqbal Hosain and the stellar Sarwat Gillani were also present at the venue.


With an aim to promote inter-faith harmony, Seeta Bagri, showed the trials and triumphs of life of a Pakistani Hindu girl and how her Muslim friends stood by her side during turbulent times.  Focusing on the Hindu community and their plight the drama was a true reflection of Hindus in Pakistan.

The serial gives a glimpse into social life of Hindus with celebration of events like Holi, Rakhi Bandhan, Dussehra, Shiv Ratri, Navaratri and many other rituals, feasts and festivities.



Gorgeous Sarwat Gillani played the title role in the drama whereas the multifaceted Bushra Ansari played the antagonist Nandni.

The press meet-up not only provided valuable insights into the drama but also gave cast a chance to share their interesting on the sets stories with the bloggers.


Besides an intriguing story, the drama also featured fascinating sound tracks including the colourful Holi song, sung by Nimra Ali and composed by Udan Khatola. The song was beautifully choreographed by Nigah Hussain.

Penned down by well-known writer, Khalil-ullah-Farooqui, the drama OST of Seeta Bagri was sung by famous Bollywood singer Sukhwinder Singh and composed by Sajid-Wajid.


Special Appearance was observed on the meetup by Naeem ul Haque (actor) for the support of inter faith harmony which SeetaBagri is all about.

As always the influential and trend setter Adnan and Sarwat left the bloggers stunned with their lucid, coherent and explicit talks, uniquely sets the tone for a one of kind Drama Serial.


Overall it was a memorable evening with everyone now waiting impatiently for the drama to be released soon.

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