Victoria Beckham Spends £1200 on a Moisturizer Made From Her Own Blood!

Don’t freak out, you read that absolutely right, from her OWN BLOOD! She revealed it on her Instagram that she is now using the ‘anti-ageing property’ by Dr. Barbara Sturm, who is loved by all celebrities for her ‘Vampire Facials’. Barbara Sturm is pretty known for the endogamous blood therapy she offers, is referred to as ‘Vampire Facials’. Uff, naam se hi khauf lagraha hai.

So, Victoria first uploaded a snap and informed her followers that she will be using Dr Barbara’s products. 

Then she offered a closer look of a moisturizer and told her followers about the process:

“Dr. Barbara Strum took my blood and created healing factors made by my own cells which is highly anti inflammatory and regenerative.”

The next morning, she posted a selfie, and told us how her skin feels amazing and super soft, after sleeping in the mask! 

Victoria, is very particular about her skincare routine and she spends like crazy on her hair and skin daily. Literally DAILY. Well, her skin speaks for all that expensive products she uses, doesn’t it? Just look at that GLOW!



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