Which Condiments You Should Be Refrigerating And Which Not!

As soon as we stock up condiments, we have this certain believe that, they all belong to the fridge once we’ve removed the seal (or even if not). However, this is not the case for ALL of them, some do not need refrigeration. Before saying much I’ll present you the list, some might surprise you while the rest you may already be familiar with.

Keep That In The Fridge:

Mayonnaise:I guess this was a no-brainer, as Mayo’s key ingredient is egg and it needs to be refrigerated once opened.

Ketchup: This one is quite debatable but in simple sense, if you think you can consume that bottle in a month, don’t refrigerate. But if it will take you more than a month, then you need to!

Maple Syrup: It needs to go in the fridge because mold can grow in the bottle if it is left out.

Nut-Based Oils: Pistachio, walnut and or peanut oils are not refined, hence, should be refrigerated in order to keep them from being rancid. (Pro tip: nuts are best stored in the refrigerated to retain their flavor)

Mustard: Not a must as it doesn’t contain any ingredients that spoil but, refrigerating yellow mustard helps retain its flavor. So it is totally up to your choice!


Out Of The Fridge And On The Shelf:

Honey: It should not be kept in the fridge as they should lead to crystallization and become hard to use. Imagine, you are unable to spread/drizzle the honey on your pancakes, just the though of it hurts!? Hence, to avoid it, keep it on the shelf, and away from sunlight.

Soy Sauce: Ever wondered why do you see soy sauce on the tables at a restaurant? That is because it is fermented and there’s no need to refrigerate.

Hot Sauce: All the vinegar-based hot sauces have a 3-year shelf life, hence, no need to refrigerate.


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