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Now that summers are officially over (*sob*) in Pakistan and the temperature’s dropping, you might be thinking about changing your wardrobe *obviously drooling over the winter collection by our brands :D*

But what about your skincare? Winter brings an entire new set of challenges to our skin so as the season gets cooler, it’s worth switching up your skin care routine, too accordingly.

Falling temperatures, indoor heating and lower air humidity can all affect our skin, impairing its barrier function and leaving it vulnerable to dehydration. Add to that the onset of a wintry pallor (goodbye, sunshine!) and you’ve got the recipe for a dull, dry complexion that lasts until spring. But for me it’s nothing new, I already own a insanely dry skin wether it be winters or summers. *Duhhh!!* But well all those who face drastic changes in skin during winter will find this post quite helpful *I hope so*

The only up-side? Now’s the time of th year to get stuck into brightening and exfoliating treatments, as lower UV levels mean skin is less vulnerable to damage when you go outside (having said that, it’s still worth wearing daily SPF protection).

So let’s start with the routine, as I completely understand and relate the struggle of women in Pakistan for not having Amazon or Sephora in our country we tend to opt the options for local – in budget – easily available products. So I’ll try to mention all the products I use and also their alternates in regard of the pricing – availability and results to make it easier for my Vogue Amour dolls. I hope this easy routine will keep you glowing from head to toe in these dark winters.

Starting up with the most important part


Cleansing is a very imported step to keep your skin healthy. It is very important to cleanse your skin daily and specially after applying makeup (Of course who in the world can live without makeup and that too loads of it) * Hiding face * So my all time favourite cleansers are mentioned below.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser:

You know how dry, tight, rough and inchy  facial skin feels after a face wash and wouldn’t accept anything harsh which tortures your skin further. So your skin demands a soft gentle full of moisturise cleanser. Cetaphil cleanser is exactly what your irritated dry skin needs. It’s so gentle and light weighted and leaves your skin so smooth. The best part it’s Soap-free, so it can be wiped off. There’s zero fragrance and it’s very mild (not stripping whatsoever), but it gets the job done.

Not available in Pakistan, can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

Price: $17.44


Bathing and Exfoliating:

Bathing with the correct moisturising body wash and then exfoliating is one of the most basic and important aspects for a skin care routine in winters, to get rid of the dead skin cells and bringing out the fresh layer of skin out.

Very rare body wash, scrubs and exfoliators has worked for me. One of the best body wash and scrubs which I have experienced and use on regular basis are mention below:

Marks & Spencer Cream bath with added moisturiser:

This cream wash is the smoothest of all, I love Marks & Spencer for their beauty products. They are just Love LOVE lOvE! This cream wash have an extra added moisturiser which leaves your skin smoother than ever.

Note:Not available in Pakistan, can be pre-ordered from the official website of Marks & Spencer. But the product is out of stock at the moment, wait for the re-stocking.



HeaLiv Body Salt Scrub (Soothing Lavender):

This scrub consists of pure essential lavender oil and Himalayan salt. I don’t know what’s about this scrub, but whenever I use this scrub it leaves a silk veil over my body and washes away all my dead skin. One of the most soothing and moisturised scrubs I have used. Plus it’s also affordable and easily available in Pakistan.

Price: pkr 600 – pkr 900

Click the link to order: HeaLiv


Then coming to the next step


Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised is something no one can live without and specially when it’s winter and your skin starts acting weird and ridiculously dry and dead. You really need a rescue team of moisturisers for your dying skin. Few are mentioned below:

Face Serum: Caudile Serum

A highly concentrated, oil-free serum that improves the appearance of dark spots, promotes even skin tone, and boosts radiance. Apply this after you cleanse your skin and it goes best with a moisturiser.

Price: $79

Can be pre-ordered from any Facebook page by Sephora.


Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion:

It’s the best of it’s kind, leaves your skin moisturised for a very long time (Claims 24 hours hydration). Proper food for your skin if you own a dry, dead and sensitive skin.

You can also use this moisturiser to prep your skin before makeup.

Price: $9.62 – $19.88

Can be pre-ordered from any Facebook page by Amazon.



Nivea Soft:

It’s one of the best moisturising creams of all times. I have used this since a very young age and it never disappoints me. It’s so gentle and soft on skin that aahhh!!! JUST PERFECT.

Also very suitable for preping your skin before makeup too.

Price: pkr 250 – pkr 730

Available in Pakistan: Naheed Super Market (Karachi), Imtiaz Super Market (Karachi), Chase (Karachi) & many more local stores.

Available online on:


Lip Scrub:

What looks the ugliest? Chapped lips! ehhh!!!! So hard to apply your expensive lipsticks and make them last longer. It’s very important to keep your skin hyderated and get rid of the dead skin.

HeaLive lip scrub in Mint Mocha:

It is the only treat to my lips. This lip scrub contains edible sugar having an amazing minty coffee flavour. Removes your dead skin and leaves your skin softer and pink. Exfoliate your lips before applying your lipsticks for better result and to make them last longer.

What else would you need in winters? A coffee lip edible scrub 😀 * which tastes amazing too* 😀

Price: Pkr 300

Click the link to order:HeaLiv


Lip Mouisturiser:

Maybelline Baby Lips:

I love the way this lip moisturiser leaves colour on your lips and is perfect for winters. A perfect alternate for lipsticks in winters. You can easily carry yourself without a lipstick if you have baby lips onn they have the perfect colour with full of moisture.

Price: pkr 250 – pkr 260

Avaialable in Pakistan: Naheed Super Market (Karachi), Imtiaz Super Market (Karachi), Chase (Karachi) & many mmore local stores.

Available online on:



Vaseline Petrolium Jelly:

A normal jar of vaseline can be used for many purposes, hands, feets and lips moisturiser. Petrolium jelly also leaves your skin smooth and deeply moisturised, leaving a silk veil over your skin.

Price: Pkr 150

Available: Imtiaz Super Market (Karachi), Chase (Karachi) & many more local stores.


Body Moisturiser:

Marks & Spencer Body Butter:

When it says butter so it does make your skin smooth like a melting butter, where your hand slips away the texture of your skin. The different flavours enriches your skin with the perfect blend of moisture and fruit extracts. These body butter’s are so amazing and healthy for skin that I almost got all their body butter collection.

Price: Dhs 28 – $ 7


(I always get mine from Dubai Mall – Marks & Spencer outlet)


Hands and Feet: Olive Oil

No cream can ever solve my dry hands and feet skin. The only thing I rely on is Olive oil, which completely penetrates in your skin and provides the thirsty skin all the important ingredients it deserves. The best time to use olive oil on your body skin is after bath when your skin pores are open and ready to absorb the oil and keep them hydrated for a longer period, also you can use it before sleeping so while you sleep it gets absorbed in your skin properly and you wake up with a moisturised skin.

Price: pkr 800 – PKR 1000

Available: Naheed Super Market (Karachi),  Imtiaz Super Market (Karachi), Chase (Karachi) & many more local stores.

Available online:




A normal jar of vaseline can be used for many purposes, hands, foot and lip mouisturizer and also leaves your skin smooth and deeply moisutrise it.


Available: Imtiaz Super Market (Karachi), Chase (Karachi) & many more local stores.


Hair Routine:

As much as your body deserves moisture, your hair deserves equal attention. It’s very necessary to oil your hair on regular basis, specially in winters. For me my top most favourite oils would be Olive Oil and Mustard Oil. You can buy these oils of any company you like but make sure they are pure and original so they work better for you.

Available: On all local stores or herbal stores.


Some Trusted Pages To Pre-order The Above Products



Cosmetic Planet



Makeup & Accessories 

Disclaimer: The above mentioned products are not necessary to suit everyone according to their skin types. The above mentioned products are used by me and have proved great results. For any inconvenience, reaction or mishap Vogue Amour won’t be responsible. Thank you

Hope you all will have a Great Winters This Year <3 Happy Winter You All !!!!

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