Women Empowering Meet-up Organized by Womenza “Let’s Grow Together”

The 21st century is the era of many advances, morally and technological. Besides defying expectations and breaking stereotypes, women entrepreneurship is on a rise.
Entrepreneurship is no longer exclusively a man’s domain and having women involved helps strengthened and accelerate the economic development of the country.

We at Vogue Amour, advocate for women empowerment and entrepreneurship, and hence were the official supporting partner of “Let’s Grow Together”.

Let’s Grow Together was a Grand Meetup organized by the Facebook community for women entrepreneurs “Womenza.’


The Event took place on the 11th of August at the Samar Palace near KMCHS and it was an event for buyers and sellers to come together, socialize, learn and network and receive amazing gifts and giveaways from plenty of generous sponsors. 
Most importantly, it gave women entrepreneurs to set up their stalls in order to display their products and interact with buyers and made themselves lifelong customers.
Nageen Marfani and Aneesa Unus were present at the event as Guest Speakers and share their thoughts and view their audience and inspired them with grit, confidence, and determination.

The event organizer did not leave any moment of the show bland and had brands conduct some fun activities to keep the participant’s experience as interactive as possible. My personal favorite ones were the activities conducted by Glint and Jennsen and at the end, the participants all received gifts from the sponsors.
The food, in the end, made the entire event all the worthwhile.

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