You Gotta Read These Hilarious Comments on Yasir Hussain’s Post!

We all know Yasir Hussain and Asad Siddiqui are truly best friend goals in the Pakistani Media industry. We have seen them stick around in all the events, shows, birthday parties and what not.

But Yasir Hussain broke some serious news of unfriending Asad Siddiqui and we are SHOCKED


Here are some funny comments to give you a good laugh

Asim Azhar commented ‘shocked’ along with a ‘crying’ emoji and it was kinda funny…

Ali Kazmi is all ready to send his application for Yasir Hussain‘s new best friend position

Muneeb Butt is curious to find out about the eligibility criteria so, he can apply too!?

Some people have started to guess who will be his New Best Friend. Well, this guess is quite obvious isn’t it?

That’s rightly pointed out though! Why hasn’t he yet unfollowed Asad? Is this a PRANK!?

Well, SAME. We are hoping it is JUST a joke or a prank. We wouldn’t wanna see them unfriend or part ways in any way. They make a good pair, don’t they?

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