Your Guide To The Right Nail Shape!

Just as the different parts of the body, our nails deserve some special care too. And for that we, once in a while go for a manicure and get new nail shape and/or color. Now, with the hyped nail trend, we all want to flaunt different nail styles without paying much attention to which style will suit us best. So, here’s a guide to help you choose a nail style according to the shape of your hand:

Round Shaped Nails: The most popular shape as it’s the easiest to create. The round shape helps stretch shorter nails which have a wide nail bed. Hence, it’s ideal for those with chubby hands, as it helps make hands look more slender.

Square Shaped Nails: These nails provide a blunt edge to nails which makes this style the one that needs very low maintenance. They’re perfect for thin hands with long fingers, as they help add width.

Almond Shaped Nails: As the name suggests, they’ve a wide base, slim sides, and a curved point. They simply add length to nails and hands. But they provide a natural look and are in trend currently.

Ballerina Shaped Nails: They’re also called coffin-shaped, as they’re quite edgy, long, thin and squared towards the end. Also, they simply provide length to short hands and/or nails but, to carry such a style you need to make sure you’ve strong nails, if not, you always have an option of fake nails.

Squoval Shaped Nails: Most natural style to carry and the most easy ones to maintain too. It suits all shapes and sizes as it simply follows the outline of your cuticle. It forms a square shape but with soft and round edges. Super compatible to mothers of infants or those who are nail-biters.

Oval Shaped Nails: A style very similar to that of almond nails, but this one has a flat and blunt tip. This style must be your go to if you’ve small hands. Make sure you’re not a nail-biter though!

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