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We all know how incomplete is an eye look without a pair of false eyelashes, they can instantly make our eyes look sharper, bigger and attractive. However, it is quite frustrating when it comes to choosing which type of false lashes will suit your eye. It isn’t necessary that if the lashes make you feel comfortable, they are doing their job well, it is important that they fit your eyes well and make them standout. To end your frustration, we’ve got a detailed guide to help you find the perfect pair of false lashes according to your eye shape:

Round Eyes: 


The white area of your eyes, known as sclera, is more visible if you’ve round eye. It is preferred that to add some shape to your eyes, you should opt for lashes that are wispier and winged from the outer corners. Such lashes will help add drama to your eyes and create a cat-eye shape.

  • Huda Beauty Lashes in Samantha #7 and Scarlett #8.
  • The Lash Bar Lashes in Sinful and Whimsical.
  • Zhoosh Lashes in Touch The Sky #3.

Hooded Eyes:



In this certain type of eye shape, excess skin folds between your brow bone to the lash line, when you open your eyes. It basically shrinks your eyelids and makes you look drowsy. Hence, to look awaken as much as possible, you need to make use of ‘dramatic lashes’ but not extremely heavy lashes that would do the opposite. Choose a pair that is a bit long from the center and taper at each end, so that a little illusion of depth is added to your eyes.

  • Make Up For Ever False Lashes in N-202.
  • Huda Beauty Lashes in Claudia #6.

Almond Eyes:

In this eye shape you see very less of the white area of your eye. Hence, you’re lucky because you can wear a wide variety of lash types. Either you can choose a voluminous lash band which has evenly spread all around the band or a crisscrossed lashes for a natural voluminous look.

  • Huda Beauty Lashes in Farah #12 and Sasha #11.
  • The Lash Bar Lashes in Mulan.
  • Salwa Admaney Lashes in Tulip.

Deep-Set Eyes:

They’re large and set deeper into the skull, so your brow bone is more prominent when you’ve such an eye shape. In order to brighten your eyes, you need to add some drama to them to avoid bluntness. Therefore, you should go for curled and long pair of lashes, that will open up your eyes and hide the extra brow bone area.

  • Ardell Lashes 106.
  • Salwa Admaney Lashes in Roses.
  • Huda Beauty Lashes in Lana #10.
  • Zhoosh Lashes in Bambi #2.

Mono-Lidded Eyes:


Most common among Asians, the crease of your eye is not visible in such a shape. Choosing heavy lashes will be a huge mistake hence, stick to more natural curled lashes to give height to your eyes. You can also use crisscross lashes to add a slight volume and opens up your eye.

  • Mac 4 Lash.
  • Huda Beauty Lashes in Carmen #9.
  • Zhoosh Lashes in Shady Business #6.

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