Zoeva – Black Box For Eyes

I am such a picky and fussy person when it comes to eyeliners, eye pencils and kajal. I always look for something which is pitch dark black in a matte finish. All these years I have been using different brands but none left me satisfied until I came across this power pack set for black eyes.
Zoeva is a German brand with whom I fell in love with after I used their contour spectrum palette and the black box for eyes. It is one of the best combination for smokey eyes….Trust me.

The Black Box contains 4 products which include:

1) Calli Graphic Black: Which is a liquid eyeliner. It is highly pigmented, one stroke is all that’s needed to add dramatic eye definition with this smear-proof and long-lasting formula.


2) Soft Kohl Noir: This one product is my least liked product in the whole set. It does not have anything extraordinary and is also not as pitch black as I like. A pencil like this can be found in many other brands. The only product which did not appeal me.


3) Graphic Eyes – Black to earth: This product TOPS THE RANK. Up til now my most favourite kajal and eyeliner pencil. It’s as smooth as butter- glides into and onto your eyes so beautifully, it’s really long lasting, smudge proof, water proof and above all it’s so PITCH DARK BLACK which makes it one of the best pencils! and I am sure it will be hard for any other brand to replace this in my life. (Virtual huggie to my pencil)


4) Cat Eye Pen- Blackest Black: This eyeliner has a really nice applicator to wing your eyeliner also with a dark smooth texture. A very easy application leaving a flexible tip for your convenience to glide the eyeliner the way you want. Adding on, it dries up super fast which makes it much more easier for you. So yeah another thumbs up!



Overall I love this box with the price it is which is for $27 with 4 full-size products which are as amazing as I have described.


You can pre-order them through Facebook pages from Zoeva’s official website. Here’s the link: Zoeva Black Box

Happy Shopping Girls!!!

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